Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Containing the Magic

Because this bathroom is going to be pure magic when it's finished.  And what do you contain magic with?  Walls of course!

As of the last entry Derek and I had just finished peeling "the onion" to reveal the original subfloor.  Once we had that all cleaned up we started putting 3/4" OSB plywood.  Glued and screwed as only Mr. Mike Holmes (or Mr. Derek) would insist on.

10 tubes of this stuff later:

image courtesy of PL

And a whoooooole lotta screw later, we're left with a little something that looks like this:

Ooooooo, pretty, floors!

Just to refresh your memories, the layout of the bathroom before was like this:

The new plan for the bathroom is this:

We eliminated the "door" between the hallway and the den, and are moving the door to the bathroom into the (newly named) library.  In order to make the best use of space we decided to go with a pocket door, so the opening you see now is where that will be.

The walls went up very quickly, because Derek is a framing all-star.  He's also a big fan of friction fits.  Seriously, we probably didn't even need to use nails to keep this wall in place (obviously we did).

The first wall being built:

And the first wall going up:

Don't you love a man in a tool belt?

Building the next wall:

Little Chloe playing supervisor to make sure things went according to plan:

The building of the last set of walls happened while I was doing the whole work thing (apparently staying home sick doesn't mean sleeping, it means building), so here's a shot of the finished walls!

Complete with Meka sighting, as we can't include one cat and not the other!

Basically, that's where we're at now.  Our good friend Jesse is coming by on Friday to help us with the electrical (because he knows how to do that kind of stuff), as well as Derek's best man Tim to help with some other random things.

After that we've got to get the plumbing sorted for the new shower.  We're still not sure if we'll be doing that one on our own, or calling in a professional.  Time to do some internet research I suppose!

Next time I'll share with you some of the design plans we have in mind!


  1. dude, I must say... I am thoroughly impressed with Derek's handyman skills. in fact, I'd like to borrow him for our next house. I will pay him in catnip.

    everything looks fantastic so far! it looks as if the kitties are being excellent supervisors too! I can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. I love how your cat watches from the top of the ladder : ) My kitty actually does the same thing. Maybe next time we can get him to help...