Monday, January 18, 2010

The Vision

Originally we thought that we'd design the bathroom off of a plate we got when we were on our honeymoon in Greece.


But we got such a great deal on marble time through Derek's work that the design idea has had to shift a little.  But we will find somewhere special in the house for the plate.

The tile we ended up with looks a little something like this:

Which as far as we can tell is white carrara and they are 12"x12".  The plan is to use 1/16" spacers and a white-ish grout that "goes" with the tile.

As far as the rest of the bathroom, we've got a few ides.  For the shower we're going to go with a neo-angle design set in the corner, with waist high knee walls and frameless glass doors.  A little something like this:

image courtesy of

Beautiful, isn't it?  Like the picture above we're planning on using subway tiles (also being acquired through the tiles guys at Derek's work) but adding in an accent of glass mosaic tile.  While hanging out at our new favourite store (that would be Home Depot) I put together this little mock up on the floor.  The marble is fairly close to what we have for out tiles.

As far as the vanity and sink goes, Derek found this picture on the Rona website that we both realllllly like:

image courtesy of

We've decided to go with the frosted natural glass counter top, kinda like this one from Rona:

image from

Now, instead of going with the white vanity like they've got in the picture above, we're planning on something more along this line:

I would love to find something old and reclaim it, but we'll have to see how that goes.

As for the wall colour, we're thinking that we'll go with something the matches the blue glass in the tile mosaic.

And now, to pull it all together into a "mood board" as those designer types are want to do:

 See?  Fancy!

Next time I'll show you what's happened so far.  That may or may not include a ceiling and shower walls!


  1. YAY!! Love the inspiration pics... We have frameless glass in our shower and its soo gorg...

    I'm also a fan of the dark wood vanity. Do you have stores like Costco/Sam's Club in CA? They have a small yet decent (and good prices) selection of vanities.

    (also love the new banner, although its prob old and I just noticed it now)

  2. For a reclaimed/rustic bathroom cabinet check out the very last photo here, on the last page here: