Saturday, January 23, 2010

You are electric?

Before we shared The Vision with you all we'd just finished up containing the magic.  Since then quite a bit has happened, but we can't share it all at once, now can we?

Last Friday night our good friends Tim and Jesse came by to help us with the electrical for the new bathroom.

Tim on the left, Jesse on the right, and our house is still incredibly dusty.

 Jesse was kind enough to run all new lines for our bathroom, and give it it's own dedicated breaker.  After Derek and Tim took a trip to our other house (Home Depot) for some supplies, we also had pot lights installed in the ceiling.  Derek and Tim also lowered (and leveled) the ceiling to a respectable 8', instead of the random arse 8 foot something.

With the ceiling now level and the wires all run, we turned out sights to some things that would fall into the category of "finishing", like drywall, and doors.

Derek hung (and rehung) the frame for the pocket door, drilled a hole through the wall for cables and insulated and poly'd the back wall of the bathroom.  The back wall used to be the exterior wall of the house, so it was rather thick and had a nice coat of stucco somewhere in the middle.  So, we borrowed a masonry bit from my stepdad and drilled straight through.

Speaks softly, carries a big drill.

Pocket door!

We drywalled the ceiling and the back wall (which then had to come down, but we'll tell you about that later) and then turned our sights to the construction of the knee walls for the shower stall.  But, I think we'll leave that for the next post.

I will, however, leave you with a few picture of the little cat.  Apparently our little Chloe likes to watch TV.

Watching Heidi Klum on Leno.

And the movie Eight Below.

What a nut.


  1. First: It's electric... boogie woogie, woogie!

    Second: That's one cute cat.

  2. It's coming along so nicely! I can't wait to see the updates regarding the shower knee wall!

    also, Chloe = the cuteness.

  3. OMG one of my kitties watches tv too! He loves animal planet, but only when they show cats or dogs, he's not into snakes and gators ;-)