Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ringing, or rather Bashing, in the New Year

When we moved into the blue house on the corner we decided we'd wait on any renos until we'd lived in the house for a month.  You know, get a feel for the place first.  See what we liked and could live with and what we'd like to change.

Well, a month a two days after we moved in the demo began.

It started when I asked Derek if we could plan on having the walls moved for the new bathroom plan by the time we had our house warming party (January 23rd).  Derek almost immediately put down the Xbox controller and picked up a pry bar.

For the next 2.5-3 hours he tore down the walls in the bathroom on the main floor.

Here's what it looked like before he started:

The paneling was the first thing to come down, and then he started in on the wall right against the door.  Here are a few pictures from the process:

Down comes a panel or two.

"Oh, wall paper, thinset and holes?  Just cover those up with some drywall."

That night Derek busted up so much drywall and plaster board that I was sneezing and coughing for freaking hours, but dang, I'm so glad it's down.

On New Years Eve, after Derek got home from work but before we went to our party, we decided it would be fun to start taking off the wood paneling in the den.

Oh look, a random hole into the bathroom.  How quaint.

Taking down the fancy trim.

Surprise!  More peach!

At this point I got involved in the process.  Because, I'm sorry, but demo is fun.  One of the Christmas gifts I got from my inlaws was this amazing piece of demolition amazement.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the FuBar, winner of PopSci's Best of What's New Award and demo allstar.  I loves it.

With FuBar in hand (Derek was gifted the matching hammer) we made quick (and very dirty) work of the wall adjoining the bathroom and the den.

Next time I'll share the story of the Den Floor, aka, The Onion, aka, it had as many layers as and share pictures of what the space looks like now.

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